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At Brisk Advertising we have one primary goal, happy clients.  To achieve this goal our team devotes the proper time to each component of a successful project and does not cut corners.  If you are not happy we are not happy.  One of our mottos here is “anything worth doing is worth doing right”.  This ethic extends to all services we provide including: sales and promotions, brand development, product marketing, and of course website design and marketing. Whether you are starting a brand new website or if your project is already built and simply requires a boost in search engine optimization or Internet marketing, you are in good hands. The methods  of business advertising developed at Brisk are innovative and ahead of the curve.  And don’t take it from us, a quick look at our client testimonials will corroborate the good news. We are happy to provide face to face meetings in Las Vegas and or video meetings for clients in other markets using Google Plus, Skype, or whatever platform that our clients choose.  When we take on a client starting a business or beginning to expose their business online we feel it is important to be honest about timelines, budgets, and results.  Our estimations are very accurate considering SEO is not 100% predictable.  Top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo all run on custom algorithms that are constantly updating and changing.  While no one can predict SEO results with total precision, we do not and will never lie to our clients, we don’t have to.  We bring this up because many SEO companies will promise clients the golden goose and provide them with a diseased chicken.  Unfortunately, its really that bad, and it gives the SEO business a bad name. If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. The good news is you found us and like anything in life, you get what you pay for.

Our search engine optimization team has perfected the most effective strategy in the SEO- playbook;  great content and correct on-site SEO settings that optimize every major search engine’s capacity to index your sites text and images. With all this SEO horsepower boosting your website up the ranks more of your customers or users will find your site, once they get there they will want something that looks and functions great. Design is just as important as SEO and it is always important to keep in mind the human factor. If your advertising or website’s visuals are not interesting, or too busy, it can be a distraction and an annoyance to the user.  Ever click on a website that immediately started blaring music and flashing lights at you?  Did you leave? Most people do.  Poorly designed websites have, what is referred to in the business, as high bounce rates.  This means after all the money spent and hard work on the SEO side of things, people are finding your website clicking on it and leaving.  Our websites have low bounce rates.  They are designed to be visually pleasing, functional, have fantastic content, and keep the visitor on site.

As a full service internet marketing and advertising company Brisk Advertising has the capacity to help business owners in all industries and markets, big and small.  Our proprietary online and offline solutions are designed to establish and strengthen brand awareness with existing and potential customers. To achieve this some clients require custom programming.  Our lead developer has over 20 years of experience and could certainly work in silicon valley if he wanted.  Fortunately for our clients and Brisk Advertising he likes working with us and is committed to the company.  That said our developer team can easily handle dynamic projects and can scale up when necessary to keep projects on time. We stand by our developers, they are second to none.

For clients who want custom marketing plans, coordinating social media outreach, pay per click and email advertising campaigns, we have you covered there as well.  These online marketing methods will help reach your target audience and drive quality traffic to your website. SMS campaigns offer text message blasts to targeted leads and provide information about products, discounts and or current promotions.  Increase your sales and improve return on investment.

Our marketing professionals provide offline marketing solutions to complement your online advertising. This includes design and print of banners, flyers, and business cards. We have a great relationship with a printing company and can offer our clients wholesale prices.  We  understand the unique challenges faced by business owners and can help insure you are  marketing directly to your target audience. We offer affiliate marketing programs designed to forge strong business-to-business relationships with customer referrals and ad trades that benefit all participants. You can count on the experience and expertise of the marketing professionals at Brisk Advertising. We are ready to help you explore your options for customized online and offline advertising solutions that translate into sales to increase profits and grow your business.  Contact us today for more information about how to maximize your sales potential.

If you can dream it we can build it. We work on projects of all size, variety, and scope. Our team of talented designers and developers can handle everything from basic e-commerce to customized management systems and applications. From small business and small projects to big business and large-scale projects we have what it takes to move your concept into a successful online presence.

And remember our website design and development starts with you. Before writing one line of code our strategy is to understand your vision. We conduct an in-depth face-to-face meeting, analysis of your goals and marketing plan before starting any project. To make your website successful it is important to understand what keywords you would like to be ranked for on search engines, what the goal of the site is, and what market you want to reach. Once everyone is on the same page our team goes to work creating your vision, but your involvement does not end there. Through the process you can expect progress updates and we want your feedback. Anything can be changed to your desire. Our end goal is a client who is ecstatic about their new website!